Make Huge Profits With Floating Cotton Candy


Owning a Robo JetFloss is Highly Profitable

Using the sources we recommend to our customers, the material cost of a "small" serving made on a paper cone is just $.10 cents - and this cone will sell for $3 all day long.

The large portions that really "Wow the Crowd" are spun on 20-22 inch long bamboo skewers or plastic sticks (paper won't support their weight) and your material cost will be no more than $.27 cents;  yet these will sell for $5 without any price push-back whatsoever.

Even better, if you mix your own floss-sugar and order supplies in bulk quantities (we show you where to get the best prices) then you can cut your input costs by 30%!

Floating Cotton Candy Sells Itself

Impressive margin doesn't matter if not enough people want to buy the product, and this is the problem with most cotton candy operations. Demand is limited, so while margin is high, total revenues are not impressive.

With Floating Cotton Candy, the margin remains the same, but the demand is what makes the difference!

While everyone is used to walking past cotton candy sitting in bags and buckets, (often stale having been made long in advance) Floating Cotton Candy is an entertaining show stopper that attracts attention from as far as 20 to 30 yards away.

On top of the entertainment value, even people who don't think they like cotton candy suddenly discover that they just don't like cold, stale cotton candy, but do enjoy it quite a bit when it's served fresh, warm and made to order.... Imagine that!

A Disruptive Technology With No Competitors

This opportunity might not be such an exciting prospect if Robo JetFloss machines were everywhere, and perhaps in 10 years that will be the case.

Right now, however, Floating Cotton Cotton Candy is an absolutely new phenomenon and there is simply no competition anywhere in the marketplace.

It's so disruptive that we have actually been to events where traditional vendors took one look at our Floating Cotton Candy and then didn't even bother to set up their old fashioned equipment. There just wouldn't be any way for them to compete and they immediately recognized this themselves!

Earn Back Your Investment in a Single Day?

This isn't sales hyperbole. Given the incredible markup, combined with the ability to attract customers from a distance, it's not at all unreasonable to expect to generate enough net profit to pay for your Robo JetFloss in a single day.

Of course this assumes a good location with a target rich environment and most likely on a weekend. Otherwise, with less than optimal conditions it might take you 2 days to recapture your initial investment.

Much longer than that and we're going to have to ask if you even remembered to turn on the machine. We're barely joking, because you seriously cannot operate Floating Cotton Candy in public and not make enough money to pay for the machine almost immediately.

A Magnet That Will Attract New Customers

On top of being incredibly profitable on its own, Floating Cotton Candy has outstanding value as a promotional tool as well, especially if you're located in a highly competitive environment. Many vendors are using the Robo JetFloss strictly to increase traffic to their booths, stands and storefronts.

Not only does Floating Cotton Candy production have visibility up to 20 or 30 yards, but the cones themselves are so unique that every sale becomes a walking advertisement for your establishment, sending curious customers on a hunt to find the source.

Depending on the rest of your menu, and the competitive nature of your marketplace, you could practically give Floating Cotton Candy away (free with some other purchase, of course) and still see your bottom line soar.

We'll Teach You Everything You Need To Know!

The most important thing you need to know about Floating Cotton Candy is that we're not in this just to sell you a cotton candy machine.... we're supporting the creation of an entirely new version of the cotton candy industry.

We're here to assist with service and support and have sales, business and operational materials to ensure that you succeed.

We provide Videos, Resource Links for materials and supplies, offer advice for Best Practices and publish articles on a variety of related subjects all designed to make your purchase one of the most profitable ever!

We do this because we want to sell Floating Cotton Candy to everyone! We absolutely believe that best way for us to achieve our goal is to make sure that you achieve yours!

After that, we fully expect that you'll send future business our way. We call it the long lost art of maintaining good business relationships.

Floating Cotton Candy Profitability

Profitability Potential with the Robo JetFloss.

A realistic look at the profit potential available from operating a Robo JetFloss vertical Cotton Candy Machine from RoboLabs, including cost analysis for purchasing vs mixing your own sugar floss.

Common Questons

How Much Does it Cost?

How Big is This Thing Anyway?

How Big is This Thing Anyway?

The Base model costs $995 US plus shipping. The "Pro" includes a "fast start" pre-heat button and an XL includes a larger floss head.

Prices/Specs  -  PDF Order Form

How Big is This Thing Anyway?

How Big is This Thing Anyway?

How Big is This Thing Anyway?

The actual machine measures only 14.5" square and is just 15.75" tall.  The plastic Floss Pan that sits on top has a 26" diameter and is an additional 9" high.

How Much Does It Weigh?

How Big is This Thing Anyway?

What Are the Power Requirements?

The Robo JetFloss machine weighs 36 lbs. and has a metal carry handle on each side so it's very easy to transport. The plastic Floss Pan weights 3.75 lbs.

What Are the Power Requirements?

What Are the Power Requirements?

What Are the Power Requirements?

The Robo JetFloss is available in both 120V 60Hz and also 230V 50/60Hz versions.  Both are rated at 1800W and will draw no more than 15 amps.

Is It Difficult to Use?

What Are the Power Requirements?

Is It Difficult to Use?

Not at all. While basic safety and operational training is of course required, you can lean to use the Robo JetFloss efficiently in under 1 hour. Many teenagers joyfully float cotton candy with our machines!

If you would you like more information

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Robo JetBoss Success Guide
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How Fast Will it Floss?

What Are the Power Requirements?

Is It Difficult to Use?

Production is rated at 11 lbs per hour, depending on heat and relative humidity.

That said, make no mistake, the value is not production, it's entertainment & fun!


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