Making Cotton Candy Fun Again!

Bring Fun to Your Event


Bring Floating Cotton Candy to your event or party and guests will be talking about it for the next month! From birthdays and graduation parties to corporate events, we can make magic happen like nothing you've ever seen.

Floating Cotton Candy brings smiles to the faces of children and adults of all ages.  Fresh made to order, it's mesmerizing to watch and tastes better than any you've ever had!

School & Club Fundraising


Floating Cotton Candy is the perfect addition to any school, club or social group that is currently fundraising  through  concession sales. It's new to the market, entertaining and highly profitable! 

We can bring our equipment, supplies and staff and run the entire show while sharing revenues with you. Alternatively, we can set you up with your own equipment and give you a new ongoing source of high margin revenue for all of your events!

Own A Robo JetFloss!


Whether you want to become a full-time Floating Cotton Candy machine operator,  expand your existing vending business or just make extra money in your spare time, you can become your own Robo JetBoss!

We not only provide sales, support and training, but show you everything you need to succeed with a brand new concept with no competition!

Become A Robo JetFloss Dealer

If you are currently a Dealer for restaurant or concessionary equipment or are involved in Party Rentals...

and would like to participate in the single most exiting new concession fun food product invented within the last 70 years, then contact us and prepared to be blown away by this opportunity!