Not Just Food - Entertainment!

There's simply no other vending treat on the planet that draws, and mesmerizes a crowd like Floating Cotton Candy!

When you're setting up, people will walk by and say, "oh, they have cotton candy" but once you start making cones, they Stop, Stare & Stay!

Floating Cotton Candy with the Robo JetFloss

No other machine makes cotton candy like we do!

However, Floating Cotton Candy is not really about the candy, instead it's about entertainment, spectacle & something new and fun!

But it sure does taste good too!

Cotton Candy That Floats High!

You've never seen Cotton Candy that Floats & Entertains like this before! Perfect for Special Events:

  • Birthday, Anniversary & Graduation Parties
  • Store Grand Openings
  • Company & Corporate Events
  • Weddings Receptions
  • Charity & Fundraisers
  • Conventions & Trade Shows
  • Class Reunions

It's "Almost" an Art Form!

Perfect for indoor events and parties as an almost artistic (and certainly mesmerizing) attraction for your guests!

  • Parties
  • Weddings
  • Conventions
  • Trade Shows
  • Business Meetings & Mixers
  • Graduations & Reunions